Bella Dori Jewelry

Rachel's Story

Born with a creative soul, Rachel Brenman began sketching and painting at a young age. As a professional artist she has custom-designed handbags, clothing, and one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. Her passion for jewelry began when she worked for David Yurman in the early 90’s. Living in Paris and travelling the world have also provided many inspirational experiences that influence Rachel’s designs.

"When I returned from Europe, women would stop me on the street and ask about the jewelry I was wearing. When they learned it was a piece I had made, many would offer to buy it from me on the spot"

— Rachel

It wasn’t long before Rachel had many dedicated clients for her custom jewelry pieces. “It gives me such pleasure to create something that brings joy to others. When my daughter was born I realized she was the most beautiful gift I had ever received… Only fitting to name her Bella Dori. She continues to be my greatest source of inspiration."


"Life is a beautiful gift."